As a child, BJJ or Brazillian Jiu Jitsu can be very scary on the first day. You will see things that you are may not be accustomed to such as people throwing each other, or arm bar, or choking. It can be daunting at first, and a little uncomfortable. However, do not be afraid of it, and do not be affraid to ask someone for help on the first day of Brazillian Jui Jitsu, there is always someone that can help you. First days at anything are never easy – BJJ is no different. There will be a whole new group of people, of which, you may or may not know. One thing you should know though, is that the people you are going to train with also had a first day, they also had a time when they did not know what BJJ was, or what to do. Relax, the people you are going to train with are pretty good people, all with a common goal.

Some of the notable rules for your first day:

  • Cut your finger and toe nails. You do not want to scratch or or hurt your training partners.
  • Do not wear shoes on the mats
  • Hygiene. Don’t be “that kid”
  • Bow when you enter the Dojo
  • Do not eat in the Dojo
  • Do not talk loudly while a class in in progress
  • Do not talk while the Professor is talking
  • Do not mess about while drilling or “rolling”
  • Do not slam someone on the mats.
  • Respect your training partner. Although you are learning self defense, the people you train with are your team. Do not hurt them.

As a child you are not allowed to:

Punch, Kick, Bite or eye gouge. Also, some adult moves are not allowed in children’s BJJ; these include: Footlocks, Knee bars, Omaplata’s, Wristlocks and Guillotine’s. When you are in guard (when your partner has their legs around your back and is lying on the floor) you are not allowed to pick them up and slam them against the mat. That would result in a serious injury for your partner.

Who To Ask On The First Day?

There will always be people with a higher belt than you during your first class. You always need to ask them if you get stuck with any moves or warm ups that you face in the lesson. If the instructor is free, always ask them about the moves.

The biggest thing to know, is Don’t be scared. Everyone has a first day. As daunting as it may be, it is the best thing that you will ever do.