During these tough times of Covid-19, some people may be feeling sad or depressed. Exercise is the key to maintaining good, balanced mental health. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can be that exercise for you. BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) is a very good sport for getting active, and for just taking your mind off casual life and other worries. Without Covid-19, life can be tough as it is, and BJJ is – once again – the perfect sport for taking your mind off worries. BJJ can also gain your confidence, which will make your mental health stronger. This is because depression is sometimes because of the person not believing in themselves or not having enough confidence to believe that they can do the thing that they had set out to do.

Teenagers well-being and BJJ

Being a teenager can suck. It is the time in one’s life that they are trying to determine who they are and how to fit in with their peers. The times of 12-19 can be some of the most stressful and depressing years of a person’s life. BJJ can be the solution to releasing some of the stress that one could obtain during the teenage years.

Not only can the person release stress, but he or she can make new friends and have some fun in the process of both of these. BJJ can make a teen, of whom was once just sitting around, doing nothing all day, have more exercise, and be much fitter. BJJ can give more exercise to one than some other sports, as the person is constantly using muscles that some people do not even know to exist.

All of the bad things to happen in a day or week can be released into a single BJJ session, which will leave the person feeling much happier at the end of the session. During the teenage years, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can change the way a teen looks at bullying, as without the confidence that BJJ can give them, they would generally just walk off. However, with the help of BJJ, a teen would wrack their confidence and either try to talk to the bully to stop him or her, or try to get the aid of a teacher (if in the school grounds).

The most important aspect of BJJ is that you are learning to defend yourself. According to www.bullyingnoway.gov.au, 27% of children are being bullied every few weeks. That is a staggering amount. BJJ allows you to learn how to say go away to a bully or attackers with confidence and determination.